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Remoting.Corba (pronounced remoting dot corba) is a project that aims to integrate CORBA/IIOP support into the .NET Remoting architecture. The goal is to allow .NET programmers to use C# and Visual Basic .NET to develop systems that interoperate with systems that support the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP), including CORBA systems and various application servers and middleware technologies.

In addition to its usefulness in letting .NET apps use CORBA protocols, this library also serves as an example of extending the .NET Remoting architecture with an additional network protocol.

Remoting.Corba is written entirely in C#, and is not dependent upon any external packages other than the .NET Framework. All source code is available, under an open-source license .

Remoting.Corba is still in the initial-development phase. Many useful features have been implemented. See the tutorials for explanation and examples of existing functionality. See the Upcoming Work page for plans for continuing development.

The primary source of information about the project is the Remoting.Corba Wiki .

Remoting.Corba development is hosted on SourceForge at . Logo